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Allmark provides Windows Application Development services for Business Automation Process such as Inventory Management System, POS for Retail and Restaurants, Industrial Work-In-Process, and easy to use Barcode Labeling & Tracking. Also, we develop customized software for client requirements.

Android & iOS


Allmark provides Android/iOS Application Development services for POS Billing System, Mobile-Computer/PDA based industrial applications such as e-KANBAN, Material Tracking, Mobile Barcode Printing, Inventory Stock IN/OUT Scanning & Reporting. Also, we develop customized software for client requirements.

SaaS & Web


Allmark provides Browser based Web Application Development services in SaaS (Subscription Based) Model for Business Automation Process such as Cloud ERP, Cloud Billing + Inventory Management for Small/Medium Scale Industries, Sales Lead Management, Asset Tracking System and Visitor Management System.

Application Features


Suitability; Accuracy; Interoperability; Compliance and Security are tested and ensured.

Reliability & Efficiency

Maintainability – Our customized software applications and products are built for higher performance under the given condition of on-premise and off-premise IT infrastructure in the most effective and efficient manner.


Ease of use is the prime aspect in our software products which require minimal efforts and time to learn and understand to operate.

Maintainability & Portability

Our products require minimum maintenance due to our stringent process in testing the applications for stability, changeability and operability and also support to scalability with all platforms of hardware devices.

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