ZEBRA DS9208 – Handsfree Desktop Barcode Scanner


DS9208 Omnidirectional – ‘GO-ANYWHERE’ DESIGN and the DS9208 barcode scanner provides all the features you need to keep your workers productive: industry-leading scanning speed; true point-and-shoot scanning simplicity — no need to align barcode and scanner; and hands-free and handheld flexibility.


Connectivity Wired
Interface USB, Serial RS232
Decoder Standard 1D, PDF, 2D
IP Rating IP52
Scan Pattern Area Imager


  •  Manufacturing
  •  Healthcare
  •  Transportation
  •  Retail
  •  Hospitality
  •  Warehouse

Used For

  •  Work-in-Process
  •  Inventory Labels
  •  Shipping Labels
  •  Receiving Labels
  •  Asset Labels
  •  Packing Slips


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